Crawford County Treasurer's Office

Crawford County Treasurer

Twyla Bailey

The Treasurer is responsible for depositing, investing and disbursing monies on behalf of Crawford County.  The Treasurer is also the County Collector, and sends bills and collects real estate tax.  For more information on specific types of taxes, check out the other pages on this site.

Office Employees

Jill Kirts – Deputy Treasurer
Carrie Osborne – Deputy Clerk
Rikki Callaway – Clerk

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Important Documents

Crawford County Parcel Information - GIS Mapping

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Hours and Details

Court House Annex
PO Box 204
100 Douglas Street
Robinson, IL 62454
TEL: (618) 544-2614
FAX: (618) 544-5314

Office Hours


If you need to change the name or the address on your real estate taxes, you must do so by contacting the
Supervisor of Assessments Office
100 Douglas Street

PO Box 742
Robinson, Il 62454

Important Dates

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