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Real Estate Tax Payer Option

With the unusual circumstances, we all are dealing with, I have decided to offer to our Tax Payers this option…

When you receive your stimulus check, Please know, the Crawford County Treasurer’s office will accept prepayments towards your 2019 Real Estate Taxes payable in 2020.

Because we haven’t started our tax cycle yet, you can prepay any amount. These prepayments can be mailed in to our office and made payable to the Crawford County Treasurer. We are also offering the online payment option on our website, click on Treasurer and go down to online payment. You have to include your parcel Id number from last year’s tax bill and a phone number or we cannot accept your payment.

Our office understands that the road ahead is going to be hard and we are trying to accommodate with allowing prepayments as often as you want, with whatever amount you would like to make.

Once we start the tax cycle, you will receive your tax bill that will reflect the payment or payments that have been received. Our office will accept prepayments through June 1st, 2020. If you have any questions, please call the office at 544-2614.

Thank you,

Crawford County Treasurer

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